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Darius Williams is a multi-talented independent singer, songwriter, musician & producer. He has been a vital and integral part of Rosahlee's music; a lyrical inspiration, a co-performer and more.  Rosahlee and Darius have collectively written, produced and performed together since 2019.  His contributions to her work include everything from backing vocals with wonderful harmonies, sound engineering at live performances & full scale song production as Secret Beach Studios on works such as her most recent release "Growing Pains."   They are a dynamic and charismatic duo together both on and off stage.   You can find more of his work on music platforms worldwide with his band Goodbye Tobey or click on his photo.

Darius at Bailey's 2023, photo by dennis browne 2.jpg

Rich Duran is a fantastic drummer that has been a fun addition to Rosahlee's live performances for many years.  His drumming contributions always bring a quality and energy to her set that has absolutely great appeal.  In the past they have played together in venues such as Tempe Marketplace and the Mesa Music Festival.  Rich is a busy and versatile drummer, playing with many other independent artists such a Nicki Parke and with his punk rock band Miles To Nowhere.  Rosahlee is always grateful to Rich for sharing his drumming skills with her whenever possible and looks forward to future opportunities to do so!  Check him out on Facebook by clicking on his photo to the right.  

Rich Duran.jpg

Eric Kosarot is an independent singer, songwriter and poet.  He plays a variety of instruments but mainly performs with his guitar, fiddle, banjo and harmonica.  He is an Author and recently self published a chap book of poetry entitled "In The Wood Grain."  His primary musical style lends itself to wonderful old time tunes but he also writes and performs his own original compositions and has a CD available with a collection of his songs which he makes available at many of his local gigs and events.  He often coordinates collaborative gigs with other independent artists and when the opportunity arises he will accompany Rosahlee with his fiddle on songs such as "Boy So Dear", "Nobody Knows" and "Growing Pains" which always adds a special touch to the live presentation.  Check Eric out on Facebook by clicking on his photo!

Eric Kosarot.jpg
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